Jack Black just gave Tony Abbott the same-sex marriage reality check everyone's been waiting for

It takes all sorts. Picture: Paramount

Jack Black spared a bit of time in his promo interview for new series “The Brink” to give Australia his thoughts on its prime minister, Tony Abbott.

Specifically, Abbott’s stance against same-sex marriage. It was short, brutal, and as funny as you’d expect from the star of “Tropic Thunder” and “School of Rock”.

Radio hosts Dan and Maz on 2Day Hit 104.1 set him up for it, suggesting “The Brink”, a show which focuses on a different crisis around the world each series, could have a crack at marriage equality in Australia.

No, said Black, we’re “focusing more on military coups and scenarios like that”. But he still couldn’t resist an offering on Abbott:

“I personally think the guy’s living in the stone ages, though. He’s not seeing the writing on the wall. The movement of the world is heading towards equality for all people, all sexual preferences.”

Then, this:

“Come on, we’re all the same in the end. Who cares what gives you a boner. Really?”

Here’s the full interview:

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