Apple Has Filed For The 'iWatch' Trademark In At Least Five Countries

Among rumours that Apple is working on a smartwatch that can connect to your smartphone, the company has filed the “iWatch” trademark in a handful of countries in recent weeks. 

The filings have fuelled speculation that Apple’s smartwatch is a real product, and could be released in the near future. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Apple trademarked “iWatch” in Japan, according to Bloomberg and several other news outlets. That news got a lot of attention all day yesterday.
  • But last night Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac discovered Apple has filed for the iWatch trademark in several more countries: Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, and Colombia.

Despite the evidence, it’s still too early to tell when Apple will launch the so-called iWatch will come out. But based on all the reports, rumours, and recent trademark filings, it’s clear that Apple has big plans for the device. 

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