Meet The Team Of Experts Apple Assembled To Create The iWatch, Its Next Industry-Defining Product

bob mansfieldBob Mansfield

When Apple began work on the iPhone, it assembled a secret team, plucking employees from other product groups and bringing in outside experts. 

It is doing the exact same thing for its smart watch, which has been dubbed the iWatch by the press, according to new report from Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac.

Gurman provides the most in-depth look at what’s happening behind the scenes at Apple as it develops the new product.  According to Gurman, Apple is assembling a super team of hardware, software, battery, medical, health, and sensor experts to create the iWatch. 

It looks like Apple’s iWatch will not be out until 2014. But, when it hits, it’s going to be a fitness tracking device. 

Here are the details on who’s doing what at Apple:

  • Bob Mansfield is in charge of developing wearable technology. He was Apple’s lead hardware engineer. He was going to retire, but Tim Cook talked him into staying. Looks like he’s going to be developing the iWatch.
  • SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller has been checking out wearable gadgets like Jawbone’s Up. He and his team are mapping out what the market wants from a wearable. 
  • Former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch is leading the software vision for iWatch. He has a team of people that worked on the iPod working for him.
  • Hardware designer James Foster is working on the technologies and mechanics of the device. He has a team that specialises in sensors, battery technology, and miniaturization, working for him.
  • Jony Ive’s team is likely working on the look and feel of the software.
  • Apple hired people that specialize in devices that can analyse sleeping patterns. 
  • Apple also hired people from some medical companies AccuVein, C8 MediSensors, and Senseonics. AccuVein can map out veins in the body with sensors. C8 also did non-invasive body mapping. Senseonics does sensors that monitor human bodies.
  • Jay Blahnik, a fitness consultant, is also rumoured to working with Apple. He helped Nike develop its Fuel Band.
  • Finally, Apple just hired Paul Deneve of Paris-based fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. He may be helping to guide the overall style and vision, with his expertise in luxury goods.

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