16 Beautiful Designs Show What Apple's iWatch Could Look Like And How It Could Work

Apple hasn’t discussed an iWatch, but multiple reports imply that a smart watch is being developed to rival devices such as the Pebble and Galaxy Gear.

What could it look like and how might it work?

Behance, a design sight that lets creative people showcase their work, has been flooded with mockups of iWatches lately.

We pulled some of the best concepts to show what the world could be wearing in just a few months.

If the iWatch is modelled after the Samsung Gear Fit, it could look like this with rounded glass.

The watch could be thicker to allow more surface area, like a chunky bracelet.

If it's modelled after the Pebble watch, it could have a square face and the bands could be as colourful as iPhone 5C devices.

A lot of designers on Behance think the iWatch will have a round face, like a traditional watch.

How will we do everything we love on our phones on a smart watch? Calling and Facetime could look like this, with big profile pictures and large but tons to accept a call or hang up.

You'll likely swipe up and down or left to right to navigate an iWatch.

The home screen doesn't have to look much different than it does on the iPhone.

Apple's Healthbook could look similar to the version on your iPhone, just on a smaller screen.

If the iWatch looks like the Gear Fit, reading could look like this.

One of the coolest iWatch concepts is a face that can be removed and worn other ways.

For example, the iWatch face could clip onto your shirt or be worn as a necklace.

Selfies on the iWatch could be taken with a waterproof camera.

Google Maps could work like this on a tiny iWatch screen.

If Siri is integrated into iWatch, maybe you'll be able to revise what it thinks you said easily, like autocorrect.

Notifications could look like this, and you could use Siri to respond.

Now see what else Apple is working on:

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