How All The Ivy League Endowments Performed This Year, From Best To Worst

All eight Ivy League universities have officially announced their endowment returns for the past fiscal year — Yale has the highest with 20.2% return and Harvard has the lowest with 15.4% return.

A university’s endowment is typically invested each year to increase the funds an institution has to offer financial aid, attract professors, and construct new buildings on campus. All the Ivies have endowments in the billions of dollars, with Harvard holding the largest endowment in the country, currently valued at $US36.4 billion.

Here’s how all of the Ivy League endowments performed in fiscal year 2014, ranked high to low:

  1. Yale University — 20.2% return
  2. Princeton University — 19.6% return
  3. Dartmouth College — 19.2% return
  4. University of Pennsylvania — 17.5% return
  5. Columbia University — 17.5% return
  6. Brown University — 16.1% return
  7. Cornell University — 15.8% return
  8. Harvard University — 15.4% return

Here’s how the Ivy endowments rank in overall size, ranked largest to smallest:

  1. Harvard University — $US36.4 billion
  2. Yale University — $US23.9 billion
  3. Princeton University — $US21.0 billion
  4. University of Pennsylvania — $US9.6 billion
  5. Columbia University — $US9.2 billion
  6. Cornell University — $US6.2 billion
  7. Dartmouth College — $US4.5 billion
  8. Brown University — $US3.2 billion

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