The Ivy League Colleges With The Most On-Campus Drug And Alcohol Arrests

Last week, we brought you a series of maps showing which colleges across the country have the most on-campus drug and alcohol arrests.

Surprisingly, or not, all of the Ivy League schools were absent from this list. However, — who put this information together — compiled a separate ranking for the elite eight universities.

“We wanted to find interesting data that’s been under-explored,” Drugs on Campus project head Jon Millward told Business Insider. Many of the previously existing reports on campus drug use were “more surface,” Millward said.

The information comes from the Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education, which only tracks campus crime reports, not those from the surrounding area.

Dartmouth College leads the Ivy League in both on-campus drug arrests and alcohol arrests — the latter by a significant margin. The report attributes this to Dartmouth’s dominant Greek culture:

What’s obvious is that there weren’t very many of them. Dartmouth College sits comfortably in first position, with more than five times more alcohol arrests than Yale University. This result matches a known problem Dartmouth has with drinking on its campus, attributed mostly to the fact that fraternities dominate the social scene there. About two-thirds of undergraduates at Dartmouth join a fraternity or sorority, which is nearly double the rate of any other Ivy League school. And Greeks are known to be more likely to abuse alcohol.

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