37,000 people are about to find out if they got into Harvard

Harvard University Campus StudentsScreenshot Via YouTubeA student reads overlooking a Harvard University quad.

On Tuesday, thousands of high school seniors will go online to find out if they have been accepted to one of the eight Ivy League universities for the incoming Class of 2019.

Each school receives tens of thousands of applications every year, and some routinely post single-digit acceptance rates.

While a handful of these students have already been accepted or rejected via the colleges’ early admissions policies, the vast majority of them will find out their fate on March 31 at 5 p.m.

For the Class of 2019, Harvard University had 37,305 applicants, according to The Harvard Crimson. That’s the largest number of applications of any Ivy League university whose information has been released and the most applications Harvard has ever receieved for one class.

Here’s how many students applied to each Ivy League school:

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