Ivy League Admission Letters Just Went Out -- Here Are The Acceptance Rates For The Class Of 2018

Today at 5 p.m., top high school students from around the world found out whether they will attend one of the eight prestigious Ivy League universities next year.

The universities are rolling out admissions rates already, and we’ll update them here as they come out.

Princeton University admitted 7.28% of applicants, down slightly from 7.29% in 2013. Princeton says this will be its most selective admission class in the university’s history accepting just 1,939 students out of 26,641 applicants

The University of Pennsylvania admitted 9.9% of applicants to the Class of 2018, down from 12.1% last year.

Cornell University, which has the highest admissions rate in the Ivy League, dropped over a percentage point this year, with a 14% acceptance rate. Cornell accepted 15.2% of applicants last year.

Brown University has not released any official statement yet, but accepted 2,619 of 30,291 applicants, or an 8.6% acceptance rate. Last year, the university had a 9.2% acceptance rate.

Other Ivies saw their acceptance rate rise from last year. Dartmouth College took 11.5% of applicants to the Class of 2018, up from a 10% admissions rate last year.

Harvard University admitted 5.9% of applicants, according to The Harvard Crimson, up slightly from last year’s 5.8% admissions rate.

Columbia University admitted 6.94% of applicants, up from a record low 6.89% acceptance rate for the Class of 2017.

Other top colleges have also released their admissions data. MIT took 7.7% of applications, while Duke University accepted 10.7% of student applicants.

The Ivies that have yet to release their admissions data are Brown University and Yale University. Brown had a 9.2% acceptance rate and Yale had a 6.72% admissions rate.

Probably the most interesting statistics released are for Dartmouth, which has posted consistently lower application numbers over the past two years. Dartmouth recieved 19,235 applications this year, down 14% from the year before.

Here’s how many students applied to and were accepted to the Ivy League this year:

Many of the schools welcomed their new classes on Twitter, and some were a bit cornier than others:

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