Ivanka's "Self Help" Book Will Help You Avoid The Traps Of Being Born Rich And Beautiful

ivanka trump book

Ivanka Trump has a new self-help book. Don’t laugh. Everything you’re going to say about how she’s a child of privilege, and how she couldn’t know anything about “self-help” she’s already heard before. In fact, it sounds like that’s what the book is about.

A child of privilege with one of the most familiar surnames in America, Trump has managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that routinely plague children of the rich and famous (reckless partying, drug abuse and other mindless self-indulgences) to become a focused, successful woman in her own right-a model, entrepreneur and vice president of the Trump organisation. Eager to share what she’s learned at some of the best schools in the country, as well as from her driven, successful parents, Trump is straightforward and fully self-aware, realising that readers will dismiss her achievements as simple nepotism; as such, she owns her privilege, acknowledges her advantages and then sets about disabusing readers of their presumptions with intelligent, well-conceived, positive advice; unbridled ambition; and a strong measure of graciousness and humility. Throughout this self-help memoir, Trump has sprinkled succinct, practical quotes from famous associates like Arianna Huffington and Tory Burch, bringing further weight to this young career woman’s accomplished work. (Oct.)

So basically, if you were born to a really rich family, with a great set of physical genes, this is the book for you. The book is even called “The Trump Card,” because it’s about living life once you’ve been dealt the trump card, like her (also, the Trump pun is part of it).

So don’t become a coke-snorting heiress. Buy this book.

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