Ivanka Trump says this common career advice is an ‘obvious’ mistake when negotiating

Ivanka Trump

We’ve all heard the advice countless times: you should offer a pay range instead of an exact number when negotiating salary.

As the reasoning goes, this strategy opens up room for discussion and shows the employer that you’re flexible and polite — and usually, companies will meet you somewhere in the middle.

But Ivanka Trump, the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organisation, says this advice could backfire.

Business Insider recently sat down with Trump, who is also head of the Ivanka Trump lifestyle brand
and advises young professional women with her #AskIT YouTube series, to talk, among other things, about her strategies for success in negotiations.

“There are a lot of mistakes I see people make when they are negotiating,” she says. “I think one of the most obvious is when people give ranges.”

To demonstrate her point, she gives the example of a buy-sell transaction: “If you say, ‘I’m willing to pay between $100 and $125,’ all somebody hears is ‘$125’ — so don’t give a range!”

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