A Canadian department store is the latest retailer to stop selling Ivanka Trump products

  • Hudson’s Bay is the latest retailer to stop selling Ivanka Trump products online and in stores.
  • The Canadian department-store mysteriously removed 150 Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories items from its website this week.
  • The company confirmed to Business Insider that all items have been removed from its website. These items will be “phased out” of stores in the few months.

Hudson’s Bay is the latest retailer to stop selling Ivanka Trump products online and in stores.

Shannon Coulter, a brand and digital strategist, who started the#GrabYourWallet hashtag in October 2016to encourage people seeking a way to take concrete action against Donald Trump to boycott companies that do business with his family – tweeted on Friday morning that 150 Ivanka Trump items that were listed on the department store’s website on Thursday, had now been removed.

Hudson’s Bay confirmed to Business Insider that it has removed all Ivanka Trump items from its website and will be “phasing out” remaining items in stores through the fall.

In a statement emailed to Business Insider, the company said that the decision is based on the performance of the brand. “As part of our regular course of business, we review our merchandise offerings and make appropriate changes,” the spokesperson said.

The Canadian department store was previously one of 24 retailers on Coulter’s list, spanning from huge names like Amazon and Macy’s to smaller companies like Wegmans and Filene’s Basement, that have continued to stock products made by the Trump family despite her boycott attempts in the past two years.

In the past few months, the boycott-Trump movement has gained momentum after the backlash to his immigration policies, specifically his policy of separating migrant families at the border, which he reversed amid the scrutiny, as well as Trade disputes with other countries such as Canada.

Hudson’s Bay’s decision to drop these items is particularly pertinent given that it is a Canadian store and President Trump and Canadian President Justin Trudeau are currently locked in a trade dispute.

According to an Ipsos Poll, 70% of Canadians now say they will start looking for ways to avoid buying US-made goods in support of their country.

The poll also found a majority of Americans and Canadians were united in support of Trudeau and in opposition to Trump in their countries’ stand-off over the renegotiation of NAFTA.

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