Ivanka Trump made nearly $4 million from the President’s DC hotel last year

  • Ivanka Trump made almost $US4 million from her stake in the Trump Washington DC hotel last year, new White House financial disclosures show.
  • NBC news reported that in total the post office turned hotel made $US40.8 million for the family in 2019.
  • The Trump family has come under fire in the past for profiting off family businesses while Donald Trump is in office.

President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump made nearly $US4 million from her father’s Washington DC hotel in 2018, NBC news reported, citing new financial disclosures released by the White House on Friday.

In total, the historic post office turned hotel brought in $US40.8 million for President Trump and his family in 2018, up about half a million from 2017.

But the hotel is also a source of headaches for the Trump administration, the Associated Press reported. It’s top spot as a haunt for foreign diplomats and lobbyists has resulted in two federal lawsuits which claim the President is violating a constitutional ban on foreign government payments to the commander in chief.

Ivanka, while not an official White House staff member, also saw family income in 2018 from her husband and Senior White House advisor, Jared Kushner’s real estate holdings.

The AP reported that the Kushner Co’s slate of apartment buildings and commercial properties in New York generated $US1.5 million, while another holding for commercial buildings brought in $US6 million.

Both Ivanka Trump and Kushner have taken steps to separate their public lives from their businesses by stepping down as executives and selling some of their respective stakes. However, the couple have both been sued in the past for allegedly failing to disclose some financial holdings.