Ivanka Trump's clothing is mysteriously disappearing from Macy's website

Ivanka Trump inventory on Macy’s website seems to be shrinking.

The retailer’s website currently shows 25 items in the apparel category for the First Daughter’s brand, down from 45 items late last week.

Macy’s is also selling 18 varieties of Ivanka’s shoes, down from more than 30 last week.

While a few seasonal items are sharply discounted, the spring dresses and shoes are selling at full price.

Macy’s has remained silent on its decision to carry Ivanka’s fashion line after retailers including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and TJ Maxx parted ways with the brand.

The company hasn’t responded to Business Insider’s requests for comment on its plans for Ivanka’s line.

The reason for Macy’s continued relationship with Ivanka may not have much to do with politics. While other retailers said they were dropping the brand sales were declining, it turns out that Macy’s online customers are still very interested in her products, according to data from the analytics firm Jumpshot.

In December and January, traffic to Ivanka Trump brand pages on the Macy’s website increased roughly 18%, the data show. Traffic to Ivanka Trump brand pages on Nordstrom’s website, on the other hand, decreased 14% in the same period.

An online movement to boycott retailers that do business with the Trump family began in October when Shannon Coulter started the #GrabYourWallet hashtag. Since the election, the boycott has gained steam.

Macy’s removed Donald Trump merchandise from its stores in 2015 after he referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”

Kate Taylor contributed to this story.

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