Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have a lavish art collection worth up to $25 million -- here's what they have displayed

Ivanka trump artInstagram, @ivankatrumpIvanka has posted many images on Instagram of her and her family against the backdrop of their expansive art collection.

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, filed documents Friday that detailed more of their business holdings and investments, CNN reported.

Among the newly revealed wealth is an art collection that documents show is worth up to $US25 million. 

The couple was previously criticised for failing to disclose information about their artwork, which had appeared in the background of many of Ivanka’s Instagram pictures.

According to the Office of Government Ethics, federal employees are required to report any artwork that is kept for investment purposes and worth more than $US1,000. Kushner is a senior adviser, while Trump is an assistant to her father, President Donald Trump.

But despite the collection being worth millions, a lawyer for Kushner told Artnet that the art was “for decorative purposes” only.

The couple decided to include details in updated financial filings “out of an abundance of caution,” their attorney said. The numbers reported are estimates, however, as federal employees are able to provide details of their wealth and assets in ranges rather than precise figures. According to the new filings, the couple’s combined assets are worth at least $US207 million, but that figure could reach more than $US762 million if at the upper end of the range. 

Take a look at some of their artworks below:

Ivanka Trump frequently takes pictures of herself and her family posing in front of artwork that lines the walls of their $4 million condo on Park Avenue in New York.

Some of these pieces are worth as much as $US500,000, but the couple did not originally disclose this information in financial reports when Kushner became a federal employee.

Source: Artnet

In the background of this photo of Trump posing with two of her children, Arabella and Joseph, is a Nate Lowman painting from his 'Bullet Holes' collection. Two of his similar works sold at Sotheby's for about $177,000 in 2016 and $665,000 in 2013. On the right-hand side is a Dan Colen chewing-gum painting.

According to Bloomberg, a similar Colen piece sold for $US578,000 at Phillips New York in 2012.

Source: Bloomberg, Sotheby's 2013 and 2016

These paintings have appeared in the background of Trump's Instagram posts for months.

In a photo for Harper's Bazaar, Trump poses at her dining table in front of a work by Alex Israel, a Los Angeles artist.

According to Bloomberg, two similar pieces by Israel were sold for $581,000 and $341,000 at a contemporary-art sale at Phillips New York in 2014.

In the background of a photo of herself ahead of the Tony Awards is an Alex Da Corte painting. This prompted the artist to write on her Instagram page: 'Please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.'

Source: Artnet

Trump and Kushner have been described as 'avid art collectors.'

Source: Vogue

Many of their paintings are from young, up-and-coming artists. This piece by the German artist David Ostrowski is part of his 'Relax/Outline Paintings' series, which was first shown in Cologne in 2013.

In the background of this photo is a piece by Will Boone, an American artist who lives in LA.

As federal employees, Kushner and Trump are required to disclose any art kept for investment purposes. In May, an attorney said in a statement on behalf of the White House that the collection was purely decorative. They have now decided to release this information.

Source: Artnet

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