Millionaire Ivanka Trump says this is how to make a great first impression

First impressions are everything.

In fact, within just moments of meeting you, “people decide all sorts of things about you, from status to intelligence to conscientiousness,” report Business Insider’s Shana Lebowitz and Tech Insider’s Drake Baer. And according the experts, “it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you and want to do business with you.”

Luckily, you have some control over how other perceive you.

Ivanka Trump, the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organisation, CEO of Ivanka Trump Collection, and founder of #WomenWhoWork, recently explained to Cosmopolitan magazine’s Leslie Yazel how to make a great first impression:

Before entering a meeting, take the initiative to research and form educated opinions about important topics so that you have an insightful position to share if and when the time is right. Technology can be a major distraction, so leave your phone or laptop behind if it will not add anything to the meeting. Also, be on time or ideally, a couple of minutes early, and dress in a polished and professional manner.

Next time you’re walking into a job interview or a client meeting, keep these tips in mind.

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