The Hawks Player Who NBA Junkies Are Obsessed With Doesn’t Even Watch Basketball

ivan johnson atlanta hawks playing nba basketball against the miami heat

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If you only watch the NBA during the Finals and can’t name any players besides LeBron and Carmelo, you and Atlanta Hawks forward Ivan Johnson have something in common.Johnson has developed a cult following among NBA junkies by running around and grabbing rebounds like a maniac whenever he’s in the game this season.

But Johnson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he knows almost nothing about the rest of the league.

Here’s what he told AJC:

“My thing is, I don’t really watch basketball so I don’t know who anybody is. So when I match up against them, they are a regular player. I know the major players like LeBron, Kobe, Wade but all the extra ones I don’t know. Even if I did know them, I’m not going to be afraid. We are playing basketball.”

An NBA role player describing other role players as “all the extra ones” is the early frontrunner for Quote of the Year.