It's Unclear If The Man Shot Dead By Police In Melbourne Was Acting Alone

Ken Lay, Victoria’s Police Commissioner.

The 18-year-old who was shot dead after stabbing two police officers in Melbourne on Tuesday night may not have been acting alone.

Victoria Police Commissioner Ken Lay told ABC radio it was unclear if Abdul Numan Haider had been dropped off by others or if someone was waiting for him.

Lay said police had “some information” that Haider had been talking to other people around the time of the altercation which occurred at about 8pm local time in Melbourne.

“I won’t say [they were] working with him, it’s just unclear to us at the moment, whether they dropped him off [at the police station] or whether they were waiting for him,” he said.

“That will be clarified in the course of the investigation.

“I feel really uncomfortable talking about this and being defensive and not being able to lay the facts out as I might, but this is complex. It’s very early in the investigation and there are security issues over the top of this as well.

“We just need to work our way through methodically and it may be a while before we can lay out to the community exactly what happened that night.”

Lay went on to say there has been a lot of speculation about Haider’s intent but with the investigation still in its early stages he was uncomfortable commenting on this.

Both the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police have said there were “no specific threats” made by Haider but he was a person of interest for “national security reasons”.

The investigation is ongoing.

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