It's taking longer for unemployed Australians to find work, especially if they're older

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Source: Paramount Pictures

It’s taking longer for unemployed Australians to find work at present, particularly older workers.

This chart looks at the median duration to find employment by age over the past decade.

It’s a rolling 12-month average to help smooth out month-to-month volatility in the original data from the ABS.

The median period to find work has been largely steady for younger Australians over the past few years, holding between 14 to 17 weeks.

However, for older Australians, the period to find work is not only significantly higher, but lengthening further right now, reflective of weaker labour market conditions.

By state capital city, the median duration to find work in Hobart has fallen sharply in recent years, while for Australians living in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane it’s been fairly static.

Reflective of economic performance, the period to find work in Perth and Adelaide is not only the lengthiest in the country, but also increasing further.

The key takeaway from both charts is that it’s now taking a lot longer to find work — whether by location or age — than what was the case a decade ago.

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