It's Surprisingly Hard To Find A Cheap, One-Night Summer Stay In The Hamptons

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Long Island is a big place. It’s a place Manhattanites love to trash talk in the winter but can’t wait to visit come summer. It’s an endless stretch of land that sprouts from Queens, and its tip runs all the way out to eastern Connecticut.None of which should necessarily imply that finding a decent, cheap hotel there during the summer would be difficult. Except, it is.

For starters, most places require a two- or three-night minimum for any stay from Memorial Day Weekend through labour Day, making a one-night getaway that much more difficult.

Plus, for whatever reason, most of the major hotel brands have completely overlooked Long Island as a viable place to establish a hotel. Add to that the fact that New Yorkers are planning freaks, so most have already booked their Hamptons hotel months (if not years) in advance, rendering the few decent hotels all sold out.

So, we ask, with good reason: where to turn?A family member (our grandmother, to be exact) put us on the hunt for a cheap, one-night stay at the end of September in order to attend a cousin’s wedding. And while the wedding itself takes place in Bridgehampton (near the eastern tip of the peninsula), we quickly realised our hotel search would have to span a larger area than just that.

You see, the usual hotel players just don’t have much of a presence in this part of New York. Specifically, in the area around Bridgehampton, the tally is as follows:

· Marriott: 2 (one of them is an airport hotel)

· Hilton: 2

· Hyatt: 1

And while we had our hopes up on a Hilton Garden Inn and a Hyatt Place, neither of them had availability for the dates we wanted.

Rates at Marriott were much more to our liking—$119/night and $149/night at a Courtyard and a regular Marriott, respectively. And both of them have pools. Hooray!

But, as far as non-B&Bs are concerned, that was about it. What gives?

Across the harbor, on Shelter Island, Andre Balazs holds it down with the Sunset Beach Hotel, where rooms start at $345/night during the week and $565/night on weekends. Meanwhile, the one-year-old La Maison Blanche, one of many upscale B+Bs dotted around Long Island, goes for $345-$435/night. And in addition to both of them scoring high on the fancier-than-necessary scale, neither allow for measly one-night stays.

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This post originally appeared at HotelChatter.

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