It's Simply Astonishing How Many Googlers Now Work At Square

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After we reported that Google has a policy aimed at stopping Square from poaching employees, we wondered: Why Square?Facebook and Twitter, which are also on Google’s watch list, compete directly with Google for advertisers. Square ostensibly competes with Google Wallet, but that’s an experimental effort that hasn’t really gotten Google’s retail payments business off the ground.

Here’s a simpler explanation: The sheer numbers of employees involved.

Square has roughly 350 employees. We found at least two dozen who joined the company directly from Google.

Starting last summer, Square staged a major raid on Google’s top talent—a broad set of experienced people in engineering, product, legal, public relations, and human resources. 

It was after those hires that Google instituted its policy of automatically countering any offer made by Square.

More recently, Square picked up most of Google’s former Atlanta engineering team, after Google shut down that office.

Here’s a partial list, via a LinkedIn search. We left out the Atlanta group as well as some Googlers turned Squares who appeared to have turned on search privacy settings on their profiles. Except as noted, we believe they’re all still working at Square.

Meet the Squooglers: 

  • Austin Broyles, engineer
  • David Byttow, technical director
  • Tony Castellanos, recruiter
  • Grace Chen, product lead
  • Allen Cheung, software engineer
  • Catherine Ferdon, administrative assistant
  • Jared Fliesler, VP of user acquisition and business operations
  • Brian Grassadonia, director of products, mobile sellers
  • Beth Haley, recruiting coordinator
  • Chris Killpack, software engineer
  • Bob Lee, CTO
  • Kevin Lee, risk operations lead
  • Greg Marsh, university programs manager
  • Adrianna Morici, staffing professional
  • Kaitlyn Noble, staffing
  • Bryan Power, director of talent
  • Megan Quinn, director of products (left to join Kleiner Perkins in May)
  • Daniel Rice, software engineer
  • Jason Rosenberg, software engineer
  • Sydney Schaub, counsel
  • Chris Uzelac, production engineer
  • Dana Wagner, general counsel
  • Aaron Zamost, director, corporate communications
  • Kyle Zink, director of corporate brand

Did we miss anyone? Drop us a line.

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