IT'S REALLY OVER: Brett Favre Selling Retirement Merchandise On His Website

Brett Favre Memories


Let’s face it: It will never really be over until the NFL refuses to give Brett Favre a helmet, but this is as close to a definitive answer on No. 4’s retirement as you’ll ever get: Autographed merchandise. (via @DarrenRovell)Favre’s official website is now selling this “Thanks for the Memories” photo, featuring the dates of his playing career and three teams he started for.

(Not a lot of memories for the Falcons we guess.)

It’s only $24.99, unless you want one of the signed limited edition pics, it which case it’s $299.99. (“A portion” of the proceeds go to charity.)

You might want to pony up the extra cash too, because if he comes back next year, it will REALLY be a collector’s item.

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