It's Only 7AM And Already 700+ People Have Lined Up To Try Out For AOL's New CNN-Killer

AOL is launching what appears to be an online version of CNN.

As part of the process, the company is holding open auditions for anchors.

Today’s “casting call” began at 5am.

By 7am, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong happily tweeted, more than 700 people had showed up. (And he tweeted the picture below to prove it.)

AOL anchor auditions

In a fun twist, AOL is streaming the anchor auditions on

If you spend a few minutes watching some of them, you will come to the same realisation that you likely came to when you first watched some of the dozens of online “TV shows” that newspapers have launched in the past several years: That looking and sounding great on TV is harder than it looks!

But out of 700+ auditioners, AOL seems likely to find at least a couple of budding Christiane Amanpours and Diane Sawyers for its CNN killer.

Here’s one young hopeful superimposed on a green-screen of the Great Wall of China. Could she be the one?

aol anchor quest

Anyway, if you’ve ever dreamed of talking to a camera all day, get down to 770 Broadway!

Here’s the blog post the company published announcing the auditions:

Starting tomorrow, AOL will be rolling out live programming on…and we want you to be front and centre!AOL is holding open auditions for people who are destined to inform and entertain the world and do it in their own unique way.

We want the most talented and passionate news, sports, weather, entertainment, and Internet-y storytellers in the world to help us launch AOL Live this summer. If you have dreamed of being on-air, live in front of millions of people, AOL could make your wish come true.

Auditions start at 5 a.m. this Thursday and Friday at AOL headquarters in New York. Come one, come all to 770 Broadway in Manhattan.

Want to stand out and make a huge impact? Here’s the trick:

  • Dress for success: We want people to be stylish, interesting, and appealing. We want sports people to be sporty, music fans to sing, business types who can show us the money, weather people to be warm and sunny. If you are into the world of marketing, get pumped to read ad copy. You get the idea.
  • Bring Passion: We only hire passionate people who love what they do. If you are passionate about news, prove it.
  • Stand out: We aren’t going to tell you how. You know what to do. Can you prove that you are better than any anchor on TV today?

And guess what? You aren’t just showcasing your skills for a bunch of executives in suits (actually we don’t wear suits at AOL). Your best stuff will be streamed LIVE on Soon, our viewers will have a chance to weigh in and tell us which anchor we should choose.

AOL is a fun, fast-paced environment where passion rules. We want fresh faces to join our team. Spread the word. Bring some friends. Bring your family. We’ll see you bright and early on Thursday and Friday morning. We’ll provide the bagels and coffee. You bring the talent.

Here are the details:

  • Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28
  • 5AM Casting Call opens
  • 10AM Casting Call closes
  • Props encouraged!
  • Please bring a headshot and resume
  • AOL viewers will help decide if you make it as our next AOL Live anchor!
  • *Please note: must be 18 and older to try out.

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