IT'S ON: Rudd Backers Are Reportedly Circulating A Special Caucus Petition

Australia’s Prime Minister carried on with question time today, despite Kevin Rudd’s backers reportedly circulating a petition for a special caucus meeting to decide the Labor party’s leadership.

Photo: Getty/Stefan Postles

There has been no official confirmation of the petition, and the caucus chair Gavin Marshall has said he has not seen the document.

Multiple media outlets are reporting a petition is going around, and would potentially see a meeting held at 9:AM tomorrow morning.

ABC News reports the petition has been passed between Labor MPs since midday.

Nothing can happen unless at least 35 signatures are received, and then a separate ballot would be needed to decide the leadership. There are 102 caucus members and Rudd would need 52 votes to take back the leadership from the woman who ousted him.

ABC News has also reported the petition is being circulated to prove to Rudd he has the numbers for a convincing win.

Fairfax Media reported Labor power broker and workplace relations minister Bill Shorten has shifted his support from Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Rudd.

Shorten’s office has denied this, saying his position on the party’s leadership has not changed.

This is the last sitting week before the September 14 Federal Election, and therefore the final chance for Rudd’s supporters to force a leadership vote.

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