IT'S ON: CNBC and Bloomberg TV Are Both Airing New Shows Tonight At 9 PM


Today at 9 p.m. EST seems like a popular slot for financial TV—it’s the time when both CNBC and Bloomberg TV will be airing two new Primetime shows.

For Bloomberg, the show will be “Titans at the Table,” a dinner conversation between anchor Betty Liu and four big names in the financial industry. The network is planning on airing a new episode quarterly.

CNBC, on the other hand, will be airing a new original documentary produced by their Investigations, Inc. unit called “Filthy Rich,” an exploration of rich families around the globe and acts of corruptions they are involved in.

It’s unclear if the timing for the two new shows were influenced by each other, but it definitely appears that the competition between CNBC and Bloomberg TV is heating up. Late last year, Bloomberg TV hired former CNBC anchor Trish Reagan. And just last week, it was reported that CNBC had hired a reality TV producer to explore new programming for the network.

Although CNBC is still the top business network in the U.S., Bloomberg has been fighting hard to win over some of that audience.  In 2011, CNBC averaged about 228,000 viewers a day, though a similar statistic is not available for Bloomberg TV (the channel reaches about 300 million viewers, however).

The two shows are also different in content—Titans at the Table has a reality TV atmosphere to it, while “Filthy Rich” has been promoted as an original documentary—which one will you be watching?

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