It's Official: Titanic Sinks Under Avatar's Box Office Totals

avatar screengrab from trailer

Sorry, Titanic, but Avatar has the biggest international release of all time.

It’s true. Director James Cameron’s News Corp.-owned Avatar sold $1.288 billion in international ticket sales, sailing ahead of his 1997 melodrama Titanic, which had a $1.242 billion haul, according to Reuters.

In North America, Avatar needs another couple of weeks to crush Titanic’s $601 million total, with Americans and Canadians buying $552.8 million in tickets.

Avatar is still pretty low in the box office power scale once its totals are adjusted for inflation. The biggest movie of all time in North America is 1939’s Gone with the Wind, with sales of almost $1.5 billion, followed by Star Wars, The Sound of Music and E.T., according to reporting service Box Office Mojo. Avatar is No. 26 on their scale.  But it’s still selling…

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