It's Official, The Yankees Have Run Out Of Numbers For Their Players


Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Baseball fans have long joked among themselves about the Yankees propensity for retiring numbers and wondered aloud what the team would do if they ever ran out of numbers. Well, that time has finally come in Spring Training this season.With 83 players and numerous coaches in camp, and 16 retired numbers (including Jackie Robinson’s no. 42, which was retired by Major League Baseball), there are not enough numbers to go around.

To fix this problem, the Yankees will have some players in camp with duplicate numbers. According to Chad Jennings of The LoHud Yankees Blog, each of the numbers from 87 through 99 will be worn by two players.

Further complicating matters are the Yankees jerseys don’t have names on the back. So to try to minimize the confusion, each of the doubled-up numbers will be assigned to one position player and one pitcher.

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