IT'S OFFICIAL: Google's Dropbox Killer Is Here

google drive

Google has finally unveiled its online storage app, Google Drive. 

It’s pretty much what everyone expected — an equivalent version of Dropbox, a popular existing online storage service, that’s so far designed to play well with Android.

You can upload just about any kind of file to Google Drive, and then access it through the web to download it in a new location or view it if it’s a file like an image or a document.

Here’s what you need to know about the new storage service:

  • You get 5GB of storage for free. That amounts to a few thousand songs or photos. You can upgrade to 25GB for about $2.50 per month and up to 1TB (probably more space than you will ever need) for $50.
  • You can share files you upload with Drive. If it works with Google Docs, it shares seamlessly and anyone you share it with can edit the document. It’s pretty much how Google Docs works already.
  • It synchronizes across all your devices — but not the iPhone yet. There’s a Mac and Windows desktop app for Drive to upload files, and Google is working on a version for the iPhone and iPad.
  • You can search across your entire Google Drive. Type in a keyword and Google will parse all your files to find the ones that are most relevant to what you’re seeking.

You can download the app now over at Google’s official website for Google Drive.

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