As Of Today, Airlines Must Give Full Refunds On All Tickets Canceled Within 24 Hours

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Airline passengers can celebrate the new regulations by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which take effect today. Some of these include:Getting a full refund on all airline tickets if you cancel within 24 hours of making the reservation as long as the departure date is at least one week away.

Holding a reservation without payment.

Passengers have to be notified immediately of cancellations and delays longer than half an hour. (See what happens when you skip a leg of your roundtrip flight—and the airline resells your seat.)

Ticket prices “generally” can’t be increased after they are bought (this regulation is pretty vague, but hopefully it’ll offer some protection).

Baggage fees must be disclosed when customers book a flight. (Check out our guerilla guide to the worst airline fees.)

Mandatory taxes and fees have to be included in airfares displayed in advertisements.

I think the full refund of airline tickets is a huge bonus and will save lots of people money in the long run.

Further, some of these new rules will definitely cut down on a lot of needless discussions with customer service reps! Which regulation are you the most excited about?

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