It's No Trick, Halloween Is A Huge Treat For The Australian Economy

Children in Sydney celebrate Halloween. Photo: Getty Images

Australians are increasingly getting into today’s spooky spirit, donning freaky costumes and hitting the streets in search of lollies.

The big supermarkets have realised that Halloween is a growing celebration here and have markedly increased their range of festive products to capitalise.

Woolworths Supermarkets has grown its Halloween range by 30% over the past three years, while Big W has experienced significant double digit growth in Halloween sales over the same period.

A spokesperson for Woolworths Supermarkets and Big W told Business Insider Australia that they’re are expecting a larger event than normal because it falls on a Friday.

“We have increased our range and our stock as more and more customers embrace the celebration,” she said. “In supermarkets, we know that the majority of shoppers buy for the event within the week before Halloween… leading up to Halloween customers buy twice as much as normal times of the year.”

A Coles spokesperson said its regular confectionery range increased by 10%, with chocolate share packs receiving the biggest boost in additional stock.

“From last year we increased our range due to customers saying they wanted more Halloween-themed products (i.e. buckets of lollies shaped like pumpkins or Halloween Pez Dispensers) and with this we’ve seen our sales in these products rise by more than 1000%,” she said.

“However this is partially due to our range being limited in previous years.”

The enormous leap in sales, coupled with the fact that both Coles and Woolworths have expanded their confectionery ranges solidifies the theory that Australians are now obsessed with Halloween and it’s a huge treat for the retail economy.

Halloween sales in the US are expected to total around $8 billion.

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