300 People Were Arrested During Incredibly Violent Oakland Protests Last Night


[credit provider=”Source, Giel Muller” url=”http://www.gielmuller.com/”]

After weeks of calm, there is again unrest in Oakland.Reuters reports that police have fired tear gas on hundreds of protestors, the Associated Press is reporting they used flash grenades. So far, three officers have been wounded, and 300 protesters have been arrested.

Here’s what set it off:

Occupy Oakland’s intention was to take over an abandoned convention centre to host a weekend long festival called Rise Up. They were calling it, ‘Move-In Day’ — one indication that they intended to stay there beyond the weekend.

After a noon rally in Oscar-Grant park, hundreds of protesters walked to their new ‘occupied social centre’ where they were met by police. 

From Reuters:

“The City of Oakland welcomes peaceful forms of assembly and freedom of speech, but acts of violence, property destruction and overnight lodging will not be tolerated,” police said in a statement.

That didn’t sit well with Occupy Oakland. They kept trying to enter the building, and the police used tear gas and flash grenades to stop them:

Some activists, carrying shields made of plastic garbage cans and corrugated metal, tried to circumvent the police line, and surged toward police on another side of the building as more smoke canisters were fired.

According to what we hear over the Occupy Oakland livestream, protesters are regrouping around City Hall. We’ll keep you updated.