IT'S HAPPENED: AOL's Huffington Post Just Won A Pulitzer Prize

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AOL’s prized acquisition from 2011, The Huffington Post, just won its first Pulitzer prize.

It won for a series about veterans called Beyond The Battlefield.

This is a huge win for AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington.

The prize should also help Huffington Post’s ad sales team convince brands the site is more than just politics and pictures of Pippa Middleton in Paris.

We are witnessing the end of a classic case of industrial disruption, wherein the disruptor (HuffPo) starts at the low end of the market (aggregation!), does just enough to attract customers away from the top of the market incumbents (the Times), and then itself moves slowly up-market (Pulitzer prize-winning reporting).

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