The Creator Of Flappy Bird Explains Why It's So Easy To Clone His Game

Dong nguyen Flappy BirdCelebritynetworth.comDong Nguyen created Flappy Bird then suddenly shut it down.

In an interview with Rolling Stone,app developer Dong Nguyen chats with the magazine about his recent trials and travails with Flappy Bird.

Last month, Flappy Bird gained lots of attention when people became obsessed with the game. Dong was making considerable money from it, but says he couldn’t handle the pressure.

He pulled it from App Stores on February 22.

Numerous clones flooded the app stores trying to achieve the same level of success. Rolling Stone cites a study that claims a new Flappy clone pops up every 24 minutes. Splashy Fish, Tiny Drizzy and Flying Cyrus are just a few of the imitators that occupied the top of the App Store charts.

“People can clone the app because of its simplicity,” Nguyen tells Rolling Stone, “but they will never make another Flappy Bird.”

People became desperate for the original game, spending thousands on phones equipped with it. Despite all the negativity surrounding the game, Nguyen still rakes in tens of thousands of dollars from the people who still play Flappy Bird.

You can read the rest of the Rolling Stone article here.

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