It’s All But Over: The ‘Crazy’, ‘Extremist’ Republican Party Is About To Nominate a Massachusetts Moderate

Mitt Romney New Hampshire

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Mitt Romney won 39 per cent of the vote in last night’s New Hampshire primary. This outcome was never seriously in doubt after his strong results in Iowa.  Anyone arguing that this was a weak showing is selling you something. Romney won 42 per cent of the voters in New Hampshire who consider themselves “conservative”–more than any other candidate. And nationally, he is leading among the same group. 

Ever since the Tea party exploded onto the scene to oppose Barack Obama, the elite media narrative has been that Republicans have gone “crazy”, that they wouldn’t even elect Reagan because Reagan had so many deviations from the current conservative script. That it would only take a historic defeat of their crazy nominee in 2012 to make them wake up. 

That story is completely busted. 

In fact, it is amazing how similar the deviations of Mitt Romney and Ronald Regan are. Ronald Reagan liberalized abortion laws in California, only to regret it later. Mitt Romney used to be pro-choice. Ronald Reagan did raise some taxes; Romney raised fees all over his state. Ronald Reagan was a big spender, same with Romney. 

So much for the demanding ideological purity of conservatives!

Mitt Romney’s health-care reform in Massachusetts was the basis for Obamacare, the very piece of legislation that so mobilized conservatives to elect a Republican Congress in 2010. This fact has been repeated over and over again – and now conservatives are voting for Romney anyway. 

There is an anti-Mitt Romney vote out there, and that anti-Mitt Romney vote includes some conservatives, of course. But let’s be real, Mitt Romney is currently locking up this nomination. If he wins South Carolina and Florida, which he is on track to do, he will be the first nominee in a long time to have no major stumbles on the way. Reagan lost an early state. Both Bushes lots early states. The flawed moderate Mormon is ready to sweep.