Here's What 100 Energy Experts Think Will Happen To Oil And Gas In America


Photo: Homer Harden / Library Of Congress

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Research firm ITG recently surveyed 100 energy pros from 37 different companies about big debates in oil and gas.We got the results — and on many issues, there’s a lot of disagreement.

They’re split on the direction of natgas prices, but most expect WTI oil prices to go nowhere.

The legendary Bakken shale is considered overrated.  And there’s one particular county in Texas that everybody wants a piece of.

Let’s take a closer look at the responses.

Natural gas prices are at $3.50 right now. Experts expect prices to either stay put or rise at a double-digit rate next year

There's general agreement that prices will be higher in the long run

Respondents were split on whether exports or fleets switching would have a greater impact on natgas

Natgas sell at a 44% discount to WTI oil. Experts expect that discount to shrink

WTI oil is at $85 now, and experts don't expect that to change very much in the long-run

No one agrees on America's most underrated energy plays

However, many agree that the legendary Bakken shale has seen its heyday has pass

But there are two clear winners for the future of overseas energy: Australia and China

Finally, some unquestionable unanimity: everyone wants to be in the Permian basin, the focal point of which is Lynn County, Texas.

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