Here's A Way To Tether Your iPhone Without Paying Your Carrier Extra

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Photo: Dominique Leca, Sparrow

iTether, a handy app that lets you use your phone as an Internet connection for you laptop, just launched a new web-based HTML5 app for iPhone.That’s because Apple pulled the original app from the App Store after it launched. (It’s still a mystery why Apple approved the app in the first place).

The HTML5 app circumvents Apple’s App Store rules, allowing you to turn your iPhone into a wireless hotspot for your PC and other Wi-Fi devices. The original app required you to keep your iPhone plugged into your PC.

To use Tether with your iPhone, you’ll need to download an app for your Mac or PC. The app helps you set up a wireless network that you use to link your computer and iPhone together. From there, you’re free to surf around using your iPhone’s connection.

Tether will cost you $30 per year to use, but that’s a steal considering Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint each charge you a monthly fee to make your iPhone a hotspot.

As a commenter points out below, you should be aware that carriers can easily track if you’re using a third-party tethering app. If they detect you, you may get a message asking you to switch to a tethering plan or be charged anyways.

Here’s a quick video demo of Tether in action:

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