Here are some of the items for sale on Amazon in Australia right now

Photo: Amazon

Can’t wait for Amazon’s arrival in Australia and want to know what they’re likely to be stocking right out of the gate? If you use this handy Google search trick, you can begin to find items that Amazon Australia are likely to be selling.

We’ve already seen that Amazon Australia’s website has started to fill up with items that you can search for, but the full listings aren’t currently available – unless you use this Google trick.

If you’re not already aware, adding the prefix site: to any prospective Google searches will filter your results so you only get matches for the specific site you’re after. For instance, starting your search with will ensure that Google filters your search results and only shows you any matches from Amazon’s Australia website.

That’s good news – because it means we can snoop around in the online juggernaut’s webpages before they go live.

I did some preliminary searches of major brands and found a few things that they are listing:

  • Sony: listing Xperia phones and sound bars
  • Dell: Adapters, monitors, desktop PCs
  • Bose: Bluetooth speakers, headphones, surround sound systems
  • LEGO: Star Wars sets, Marvel superheroes sets
  • UE Boom speakers
  • Calvin Klein underwear

Sadly, once you click through you get the message “Looking for something? We’re sorry. The Web address you’ve entered is not a functioning page on our site.” Thus, you’re currently unable to see prices, expected delivery times or any of that juicy Australia-relevant information you really want – but you can get a feel for the kinds of products Amazon Australia are going to be listing, at least initially.

One caveat: The products that show up in Google results are, for the most part, available on other Amazon storefronts in other regions, so whether or not these products will be available for Australian audiences is yet to be determined. It shouldn’t be long until we hear more though.

This article first appeared at Lifehacker Australia. See the original here.

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