Italy’s ‘King Of Videopoker’ Just Had More Than $400 Million In Assets Taken From Him


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Italian police have confiscated assets worth 330 million euros ($419 million) and more than 200 properties from jailed mob businessman Gioacchino Campolo, AFP reports.Campolo, 72, was dubbed the “King of Videopoker” after he made his fortune from a decade of running tampered slot machines. In 2011, he was found guilty of criminal association, usury and extortion, according to the BBC.

Among his assets that have now become state property are 119 works of art, homes in Milan, Paris, and Rome, and 27 bank accounts in Italy and France, police said in a statement.

Police also linked Campolo to the dreaded ‘Ndrangheta and Zindato Audino mafia clans, Italian news agency reports, adding that he had helped fund the ‘Ndrangheta in his native Calabria region.

“Asset seizures are currently the most incisive tool against organised crime,” the official statement said. “Taking on criminal fortunes means taking away prestige for the ‘Ndrangheta within its own criminal environment.”