FIGHT: Italian Parliament Brawls Over Retirement Age

Silvio Berlusconi Umberto Bossi

Photo: AP

It appears there was something of a brawl involving Lega Nord officials and supporters of speaker Gianfranco Fini in the Italian parliament this morning.According to The Guardian’s John Hooper, Fini had appeared on Italian television last night to sarcastically remind viewers that despite Lega Nord leader Umberto Bossi’s moralizing on raising the age of retirement, his own wife retired age 39.

Lega Nord supporters apparently didn’t take too kindly to this and ushers in parliament had to step in as things started to get physical.

Reuters reports that that at least two members of the Lega Nord fought with members of Bossi’s opposition party FLI. Apparently two politicians were clutching each other by the throat.

Lega Nord supporters also chanted “resign, resign” at Fini.

Sadly, it appears no video footage of the fight exists, but here’s a photo of the attack, and below there is a video that captures the rest of parliament.

Even though the fight is off camera the sense of tension in the room is palpable.


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