Italy Just Showed Why It's A PIG Unfit To Be Joined With Serious EU Nations

pigfarm tbi

Earlier this week we said that Greece’s real problem wasn’t its debt.

Its real problem is its banana republic political system that puts it at odds with the rest of free Europe.

Of course, Greece is one of the so-called PIIGS — countries with severe financial problems dragging down the EU — a group that also includes Italy.

Well, now you know why. So Italy just convicted a handful of Google executives of crimes because of one video that was uploaded to YouTube that stayed up for a few hours.

Basically, we’re talking complete, nonsensical, kangaroo justice here. The verdict needs no refutation from serious debaters.

But this really should dispel any doubt that Italy is on the periphery of Europe — a true PIIG — that’s not like its peers.

And it’s because of this, not its financial status, that dooms the country, and will only create more headaches in Brussels and Berlin.

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