Italy Considering National Ban On Facebook, YouTube In Plan To Return To Dark Ages


We never would have thought Italy would make name for itself by trying to legislate the entire Internet.

But Italy it is: On the past several months, we’ve seen Italian officials: Try to ban P2P site the Pirate Bay (and then give up), fret over dumb kids making pro-Mafia fan pages on Facebook, and threaten to throw senior Google (GOOG) executives in jail for content uploaded to Youtube they couldn’t have possibly reviewed.

But Italian inanity just doesn’t stop. Lawmakers have bills in the works that could effectively ban access to Facebook and Youtube throughout the country.

Bloomberg: “Facebook is an indecent site,” Gianpiero D’Alia, the lawmaker who introduced the amendment, said referring to the fan clubs dedicated to the convicted mafia bosses. “It’s only right that Facebook be blacked out,” D’Alia said in an interview published on l’Espresso magazine’s Web site..

The bill says the Interior Ministry will be able to order blocking Web sites that encourage or justify criminal behaviour if prosecutors open an investigation into the content of the sites. Should the Internet provider fail follow the ministry’s order to black out the sites, they may face a fine as much as 250,000 euros ($322,338), the proposed law says.

The measure was inserted as an amendment to a bill aimed at cracking down on crime that the Senate passed on Feb. 5. The measure must pass in the Chamber of Deputies without being changed to become law.