As Italy Crumbles, Berlusconi Hosts Another Bunga Bunga Party

Silvio Berlusconi Face

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As Italy sits on the brink of disaster, it doesn’t seem much like Silvio Berlusconi actually cares.Besides today’s total non-event speech, new allegations have come out that the Italian Prime Minister held one of his notorious “bunga bunga” parties just last Sunday.

The Daily Mail reports that 20 women were seen entering Berlusconi’s villa at Arcore and did not leave until 2am.

While they appeared to be using more caution than usual, this had all the hallmarks of bunga bunga.

If true, its pretty extraordinary. Not only only is Berlusconi’s country is falling apart, but he is on trial for involvement in underage prostitution.

But then again, nothing Silvio does can surprise us anymore >