You can relax at a spa in an Italian town that looks like it’s from a storybook, complete with apple orchards and mountain views

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in South Tyrol, Italy, features stunning mountain views and apple orchards. Alex Filz/NOA
  • Apfelhotel Torgglerhof, or Apple Hotel, is a hotel and wellness centre located in South Tyrol, a region in Northern Italy.
  • The hotel, which has its own apple orchard, was designed to blend into the environment and preserve the rural landscape.
  • Guests can relax at the hotel’s apple-shaped sauna or unwind in an indoor-outdoor pool.
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Apfelhotel Torgglerhof, which is German for “Apple Hotel,” is an Italian mountain retreat for guests who want to relax and unplug in nature.

The hotel, which is located in a region of Northern Italy known as South Tyrol, got its name from the plentiful apple orchards that populate the area. Fittingly, guests can enjoy the fresh fruit during their stay.

It was expanded in May to include 18 new suites, a large restaurant space, and a new spa.

The facade of the new wellness centre blends right into the landscape.
The spa’s intricate door is made from repurposed wood. Alex Filz/NOA

The spa’s entrance, pictured above, was made from a concrete shell that tucks into the landscape, reminiscent of the “Hobbit hole” style found in other resorts and Airbnb rentals in recent years.

The hotel also features an indoor-outdoor infinity pool where guests can swim while enjoying stunning mountain vistas.

The hotel's indoor/outdoor pool opens up into the landscape.
The hotel’s indoor-outdoor pool opens up into the landscape. Alex Filz/NOA

The Applesauna was the first part of the hotel’s wellness centre. It is shaped like the fruit and has a window that overlooks a garden.

The Applesauna is the original part of the hotel's wellness centre.
The Applesauna is the original part of the hotel’s wellness centre. Alex Filz/NOA

The hotel’s new suites “blend tradition and modern aesthetics,” according to a press release from the project’s architecture firm, Network of Architecture.

Inside one of the hotel's 18 new suites.
A look inside one of the hotel’s 18 new suites. Alex Filz/NOA

Guests can book a suite for between $US168 (€141) and $US176 (€149) per night, according to the hotel’s prices at the time of writing.

The ground-floor suites connect to a front terrace and feature hanging outdoor beds suspended by ropes, which offers visitors a serene place to nap.

The hotel's design is meant to blend with the natural enviornment.
The hotel’s design is meant to blend with the natural environment. Alex Filz/NOA

The hotel’s restaurant has spacious pavilions that stretch onto the garden and have canopies that can be heated for colder weather.

Guest can enjoy indoor or outdoor dining at the hotel's restaurant.
Guest can enjoy indoor or outdoor dining at the hotel’s restaurant. Alex Filz/NOA

The hotel is a 15-minute drive from the closest town, Merano, one of many less-touristy areas in Italy. The town is known for its thermal baths and medieval architecture.