Italian Police Find $8.5 Million Of Evita's Stolen Jewelry

Eva Peron

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police in Milan have recovered €6 million ($8.5 million) in jewelry that belonged to former Argentine first lady Eva Peron, according to Reuters.A gang of Serbian thieves stole the jewels in 2009 in the Spanish city of Valencia. The gang pretended to be Arab sheikhs who were interested in purchasing the jewels, but duped the sellers and ran away with the loot, which included a $5.6 million diamond tiara given to Evita by the Dutch royal family.

Spanish and Italian police have been on the case since 2009, and arrested six members of the gang in 2010. The final member of the gang was tracked down in Milan, and he fled, leaving three-quarters of the jewels behind in the hotel room he was staying in.

Evita died of cancer in 1952. Her life was made into a musical by Andrew Lloyd-Weber, and Madonna portrayed her in a 1996 movie.

Several pieces of Peron’s jewellery are still missing.

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