You can have a wedding straight out of a fairytale at a castle in the Italian countryside for $114

A small southern Italian village is offering a castle for weddings and other events for a little over $US100 a night. Gabbiere/Shutterstock
  • For approximately $US114, you can rent a castle in the village of Roccascalegna, Italy.
  • The Castello di Roccascalegna is being offered at a low rate as a venue for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.
  • It’s located in the southern region of Abruzzo, known for its wine and pasta.

In the tiny village of Roccascalegna, Italy, you can book an entire castle for your wedding for just over $US100.

Located in the southern region of Abruzzo, the village recently renovated its namesake castle, the Castello di Roccascalegna, and is making it available to use for special events like weddings, birthdays, and more, according to a CNN report.

Roccascalegna Castle, Italy - alt angle
The castle was recently renovated after being abandoned. underworld/Shutterstock

For the price of €100 (approximately $US114 USD), you can rent out the entire castle’s grounds – a price the local government hopes can bring in tourists and spur financial growth in the area.

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Perched atop a hill, the castle was constructed around the 16th century and spans over 7,500 square feet. It contains a chapel and tower that are primarily meant for wedding and party use, but also has former dungeons and a variety of other rooms that visitors are able to see as well.

Grounds of Roccascalegna Castle, Italy
The castle grounds span over 7,500 square feet. Cenz07/Shutterstock

There are a few caveats to holding a wedding at Castello di Roccascalegna that couples might want to bear in mind. According to CNN, no roads lead to the location, and instead guests will have to walk on old donkey trails to get there. The village’s mayor Domenico Giangiordano told CNN he can help with wedding planning to make access easier, and said that local caterers can supply food.

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If you choose to rent the castle for a night, it’s also worth noting that the area has plenty to offer beyond the medieval fortress. Abruzzo is known for having a rich culinary history, world-renowned wine, beautiful lakes, and hiking trails.

Sunset at Roccascalegna Castle, Italy
The castle is located in a region of Italy known for its cuisine and wine. FrankyLabs/Shutterstock

You can rent the castle by contacting the castle’s management on its website.

Representatives for the Castello di Roccascalegna did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s request for comment.

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