Starbucks is bringing a fancy Italian bakery to the US

Roastery starbucksStarbucksStarbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle.

Since Starbucks is opening its first Italian outpost next year, Italy is returning the sweet favour.

The international coffee conglomerate announced today that it is investing in Princi, an Italian boutique bakery and café that currently has four locations in Milan, and one in London.

Princi prides itself on its handmade artisanal pastries, their 24 hours of operation, and their Armani-clad staff

Starbucks will make Princi the “exclusive food purveyor” at all of its upcoming Roastery locations, with the first appearing in 2017 at Starbucks’ hometown in Seattle. Other locations will include Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery and Tasting Rooms in Shanghai and New York.

Although the menu has yet to be released, according to Starbucks’ press release Princi locations will offer customers “everything from light breakfast to impressive dinners.”

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