An Italian Artist Used Some Of The Most Beloved Cartoon Characters In A Shocking Way

Italian artist AleXsandro Palombo used his artistic talent to create this disturbing domestic violence awareness campaign using some of the most iconic cartoon characters of all-time.

The artist, famous for his “Satirical Art,” has illustrated a bloodied Cinderella and a battered Marge Simpson, among many others.

Here’s the full lineup of all the male characters with their significant others:

It’s hard to imagine your favourite Disney princess standing next to her abusive “prince” with a black eye and a fat lip, or to picture you favourite superhero as an angry aggressor. The images are definitely surprising and seem tobe part of a trendof using beloved film and TV characters to illustrate a bigger problem.

Palombo told MailOnline he hopes this campaign will open people’s eyes to an issue women all over the world must face. He chose characters that people anywhere could recognise, a strategic move to make the campaign even more powerful.

One of the most eerie things about the No Violence Against Women campaign is how Palombo illustrates the male characters smiling. They all look so normal, with their arms around their wives and a slight grin on their faces.

“Domestic violence is a problem so widespread that its victims and perpetrators could be anyone. Even in couples that appear to be normal,” Palombo said of the campaign.

Take for example these two images featuring Disney’s Cinderella and Snow White.

These two disturbing images are relatively tame compared to other illustrations of the two princesses where Cinderella and Snow White are shown on the ground, beaten by their princes.

“With this social campaign, I want my artwork to slap faces with reality and be inspiration to fight violence,” Palombo said.

So far, Palombo seems to have accomplished his goal because these images are definitely attention-grabbing.

Here’s a look at the rest of the illustrations:

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