Here's 'Ground Zero' Of The Fiscal Cliff Debate

Dave Lutz of Stifel, Nicolaus has some notes out after meeting with investors on the West Coast.

He notes that there’s a lot of interest in the fiscal cliff, and says:

The ITA is ground Zero for Fiscal Cliff sentiment – as it has all the major defence contractors involved.

Because defence stands to get clipped hard in the upcoming “sequestration”, this ETF which captures all of the big defence companies is where investors are focusing their action.

Here are the Top 10 holdings, per Yahoo Finance:


As for the performance of the ETF itself, here’s how it’s done over the past year. It appears to be doing well.

ITA share price

Photo: Bloomberg, Business Insider

But against the S&P, these stocks are underperforming.

ITA/SPY ratio

Photo: Bloomberg, Business Insider

Watch this space to gauge sentiment on the fiscal cliff.

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