Kevin Rudd's Toppling Of Julia Gillard Will Cost Taxpayers Millions In Staff Payouts

Severance payments to political staffers who quit after Australia’s leadership spill will cost the country around $5 million.

Photo: Getty/Brendon Thorne

According to a News Limited investigation, a lot of ministerial staff dumped after the failed leadership coup in March have been re-hired, after they already received severance payouts just a few months ago.

They needed to be re-hired after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd shuffled the ministry after he won the Labor Party leadership.

A lot of staff who worked for former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and ex-Treasurer Wayne Swan are also quitting, and will need to be paid out.

Gillard is leaving politics at the election, and Swan needs less staff as he is contesting his seat but won’t have a portfolio if the party is reinstalled.

Read more about it here.

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