It Turns Out The Creator Of Grand Theft Auto Bought Truman Capote's Brooklyn Townhouse For A Record Sum

truman capote house

Photo: Sotheby’s/Wikipedia

Earlier this month, we learned that a Brooklyn Heights townhouse once occupied by Truman Capote sold for $12.5 million, a record price for a townhouse in the borough.Now, the New York Observer has discovered that the buyer of the house is none other than Dan Houser, co-creator of the uber-successful Grand Theft Auto franchise.

While the home beat the previous record for a Brooklyn townhouse by $1.5 million, it was still deeply discounted from its original asking price of $18 million.

Houser and his wife bought the home anonymously though an LLC, but it’s the same LLC he used to buy a $6.25 million loft in SoHo back in 2006, indicating that he’s now the owner of Capote’s storied house as well, the Observer‘s Matt Chaban notes.

Capote rented the garden apartment in the five-story, double-width, high Greek-Revival four-bay townhouse from 1955 to 1965.

Click here to tour the house >

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