CHART: Ken Block's 'Gymkhana 5' Took Just A Week To Get 20 Million Views

Ken Block and DC Shoes’ most recent “Gymkhana” video has topped 20 million views after just one week.

It got more than 6.6 million views in the first 48 hours alone.

That makes Gymkhana 5 viral video ad royalty. Here are some of its peers:

  • Volkswagen’s “The Force” (4.5 million views in 48 hours)
  • Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (6 million views in 48 hours)
  • TNT’s Dramatic Surprise (10 million views in 48 hours)

It still pales in comparison to Kony 2012 which managed 15 million views in 48 hours and 100 million in six days, but the five Gymkhana videos have combined for over 150 million views—bigger than Super Bowl XLVI’s 111 million viewers, the biggest event in television history.

This chart says it all, which we made from data provided by Unruly Media:

Gymkhana 5 Viral

Photo: Data: Unruly Media

Here’s the video:

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